A rear bag is a tool, and like any tool you need the right tool for the job at hand

When designing the Airfoil bag I didn't realize the rabbit hole I would be going down, and by trial and error realizing mistakes I made in the past utilizing other bags and the inconsistency they were causing me.  Trial by fire I guess, I tell people "Everything I've ever learned, I had to learn the hard way". Luckily I'm a quick learner and I learn from my mistakes, figure out how to fix the problem and end up with success in the long run.    What I didn't realize for years is that when you have a squeeze bag, and are manipulating the rear of the rifle with your arms, hands, shoulder, cheek and a bag, you are putting a certain amount (and most of the time a variable amount) of load on the rear of the rifle.  Whether its a side load, top (with the cheek), bottom with the bag or a hand, etc.  Bryan Litz proved with slow motion video that the rifle begins to move before the bullet leaves the barrel, so if you have some amount of load on the back of the stock, manipulating its position to stay on target, there is a fair probability that the rifle will move in a way that could dampen your accuracy and you aren't even realizing it.  

With the Airfoil bag, its designed so that you let the bipod and the bag do all the work for you.  With the air pump, you put your reticle on target and all you have to do is squeeze the trigger.  The rifle is at its most stable state just sitting there on the bag and bipod, it doesn't become unstable until you touch it.  By using the Airfoil bag, you can take the human element out of the shot.  That's what I tell my clients, let the bipod and bag do the work for you, you're only there to put it on target and squeeze the trigger.  Don't fight the rifle the rifle will win, the more you try to manhandle the rifle, the worse off you will be.  I realized how much I was fighting the rifle with my old bag, when I went back and looked at some of my old videos.  Now my transitions are fast and clean, I don't have the constant battle of trying to reduce the preload from the stock.  You can see in my old Triggercam footage on YouTube how my reticle would jump back and forth as I zeroed in on my target, that was me trying to take the load out of the bag and get it centered.  Subconsciously I knew there was a load on the stock and I was fighting to get the rifle centered so it would recoil straight back.  This is what the Airfoil bag does naturally.  You want the rifle to recoil straight back, like its on rails.  This bag will improve your groups, it will save you time on the clock, it will help you get your rifle zeroed and know its where it needs to be to make that once in a lifetime shot on the buck of your dreams.  Its the right tool for the job.  

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