About me

Hey guys if you don't know who I am already, my name is Ryan Cheney and I am a professional extreme long range shooter from south central Kansas.  I got into shooting big guns back in 2012 after building a custom 338 Lapua.  I got pretty serious in 2018 when I had that rifle rebarreled a 338 Rogue and incidentally won the first match I ever shot with it, and I've continued to do well ever since.  In February of 2019 I got my right arm smashed up in a car accident which severed the ulnar nerve, so having some issues stemming from that I invented the Airfoil bag.  I had a couple of tough years shooting, but in 2021 I made my comeback and set a world record at 4134 yards, won the light division championship at Spearpoint Ranch, then came in 2nd place at King of 2 Miles in Raton NM!  In 2023 I won King of 1 Mile global championship in Texas and won the Spearpoint Ranch ELR points race in the Heavy Solo division, and came in 3rd overall in Heavy.  

I live with my beautiful and supportive wife Brooke with our 3 girls, age 10, 6 and 4 about 30 minutes from Wichita.  We have horses, goats, emus, a donkey a couple cows, chickens and the works, so there's always something going on around here.  I have a 100 yard sight in range on the back of my property, and occasionally I host a client or 2 for some reloading and long distance marksmanship training at a private range about 25 minutes from home where we can shoot out to 2150 yards.  Accuracy is my passion, helping others advance in their marksmanship is what I strive for and watching my clients succeed is what drives me.  

Thank you all for the support!