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Airfoil Adjustable Precision Shooting Rear Bag (empty)

Airfoil Adjustable Precision Shooting Rear Bag (empty)

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The Airfoil precision rear bag, isn't just for ELR, its great for everyone, youngsters, new shooters, disabled, elderly and professionals alike.  Its one of those "why didn't I think of that designs?" After a car accident back in 2019 messed up my right arm and made it difficult for me to manipulate the rear of my rifle to make precision shots, I came up with the idea of adding an air bladder inside the bag to make small adjustments without having to use my messed up arm as much.  After using it for a couple of seasons and having a lot of interest from fellow competitors, I redesigned it into something so user friendly, that it changed the whole game for me.  I wish I would of come up with this design sooner!  The bag ships empty with a cloth inner bag that you fill yourself with 10 lbs of sand and superglue shut (superglue included), or you can add the pool filter sand option to the cart and I will do it all for you and sew it shut for a turn key package.  

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Customer Reviews

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bill byrom
Worked Great

Used the Airfoil Adjustable Rear Bag to hit the 2520 yard target in the Extreme Long Range Class. Hit targets from 1,000 to 2,520 yards. Worked great very stable.

Charles Ware
Great !! Why you should get.

I have many models of traditional bunny ear bags - and squeeze bags. With those you still have the same issue something needs to adjust. The air bag makes it easy and more repeatable. Even if you have an adjustable chassis rider the air bag works well.


Highly recommend!


I purchased this item after several conversations with Ryan and then actually trying it out at the castle. I used the bag at my next competition where I placed the highest I have ever placed, and also had my furthest impact in competition.

Nathan Hudelson
Nice bag

Works perfect as it should Thank You