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Airfoil L (Lowboy) adjustable precision shooting bag (empty)

Airfoil L (Lowboy) adjustable precision shooting bag (empty)

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The Airfoil L is the little brother to the Airfoil, it stands about 1" shorter than the standard Airfoil and is useful in situations where you need to get the back of the stock lower to the ground.  It is helpful when transitioning between targets that would normally require a bipod elevation change, or shooting at an inclination (like in Raton NM on the KO2M range).  In developing the L, I designed it to be the perfect height to transition from T5-T6 at Spearpoint Ranch (2200 and 2900 yds respectively) without having to adjust the bipod.  My theory is the lower you can stay to the ground, the more stable you will be.  The footprint is the same as the Airfoil, same materials, same pump system, and holds 6 pounds of sand, vs 10 in the standard Airfoil.  If you would like a color configuration not listed here, feel free to email me, I can make them in any of the standard Airfoil colors, I just don't have pictures of every possible color so I don't have them listed.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David Simpson
Air foil bag

Purchased an airfoil bag and a lowboy ,they arrived quickly to the UK. They were well packaged and exactly as described. Ryan gave excellent feedback throughout the entire process. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from him again .

Rorie Hastings
Shooting Bags

I bought 1 of each size great product ! i give it 4 stars because nothing is perfect

Awesome product

Have both sizes now, you can’t beat this product on an output vs. money invested basis. I don’t go to the range without it now.

paul leigh
Great Product! A must have for any serious Long Range shooter.

The Lowboy made transitioning in-between targets so much easier! The heft and weight of the Airfoil L supplied a very stable platform for my bag rider. This last ELR match I only had to adjust my bipod once during the entire string of fire. There is a massive amount of vertical adjustment available by simply using the hand pump and or the relief valve. Very well made, very durable construction. I definitely recommend upgrading to the heat sealed filled inner bag that Ryan offers at time of purchase.
Paul L.


These bags are absolutely solid in construction and function! Highly recommend!